Fascinating Indian Mythology Fictions

Remembering the facts and keeping the interest alive seems like a tedious job when we talk about Mythology. Indian mythology is all about never-ending discussion of stories on religion and traditional culture. However, the modern era storytellers have given a new shape to the subject, thus, making mythology sound cool. With references to the ancient myths and traditions, they blend in their creative narration and imagination to create fictional mythological books that make this topic interesting. So here are some of my favorite Indian mythological writers and their books; also, you can find some deals here if you are planning to buy the book via Amazon. Also, you can avail some coupon codes that will give you a discount on your shopping. Get Amazon coupons and avail up to 20% off on these books.   

Amish Tripathi
His passion for religion and Indian history made him pursue as a writer after long years of work in the financial industry. He is a devoted worshiper of Lord Shiva and his first series of novel Shiva Trilogy brings alive the mythological characters through his engaging narration. The novel creates anticipation and curiosity, as well as the modern style storytelling, is gripping.
Some of his fictional mythological works include Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series

Christopher C. Doyle
His writing can transport the reader into his illusional world and you shall never want to come back. The blend of suspense and thrill through his fascination world where the ancient secrets, historical facts, and science join hands to create a gripping story. He pursued his childhood dream of becoming a writer after taking a step back from his corporate career.
One of his must-read books is Mahabharata Secret sequel where we travel to the world of mysteries and secrets that link to history, science, and the Mahabharata.

Anand Neelakandan
Over the years, we all have heard and read Ramayana from Ram’s point of view but never did we imagine how it is if Ravan was given a chance to narrate his side of the tale. And Mr. Anand managed to narrate the story from Ravan’s point of view and the book became a top-selling mythological fiction. His narrating style is simple yet intruding.
His best work, Asura: Tale of the Vanquished and he is also working on a book series based on film Baahubali. The first of the series, The Rise of Sivagami is out.

Ashwin Sanghi
He is one of India’s best-selling fiction writer of the new era of retelling Indian history or mythology. He has also co-authored two New York Times bestselling crime thrillers. He had received praises for his work of fiction and is hailed as the Indian Dan Brown.
Two of his must-read books shall include The Rozabal Line and The Krishna Key, as both these books were critically acclaimed as Indian versions of best-selling novels like The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.

The modern age of Indian mythological writers may transport you to the ancient era through their novels. And if you wish to start reading fictional mythology than above are some of the authors and books that you can start with. Check out some Amazon promo code and avail discount on these books
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  1. Hmmm.. Quite interesting ! Inspires us to plunge into these paperbacks!

  2. Hmmm.. Quite interesting ! Inspires us to plunge into these paperbacks!


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